Fifth Avenue Chiropractic is a unique patient-centered Chiropractic office. We strive to give exceptional care in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Fifth Avenue’s approach to care is founded on science. Dr. Bryan is trained in the diagnosis, analysis, and treatment of the complications of abnormal posture and biomechanics and their related conditions.

Some common symptoms related to abnormal posture are tension and migraine headaches, neck pain, stiffness and loss of mobility, tendonitis and bursitis of the shoulder, mid back pain, lower back pain, disc problems, sciatica and altered gait resulting in hip, knee, and ankle conditions or injury over time.

Dr. Bryan uses hands on approach to help remove the harmful effects of abnormal spinal alignment by using state of the art diagnostic and analysis techniques. By improving your posture and spinal alignment, the overall stress on the spine and nervous system is decreased. By realigning the spine back to normal, chiropractic care can help prevent and reduce abnormal wear and tear of the discs and joints, which leads to disc degeneration and spinal arthritis. Aligning the spine allows the body to function in a stronger, more stable, and healthier position.