First Visit

On your first visit to Fifth Avenue Chiropractic, expect a warm welcome from our team.  A team member will ask you for your patient information forms, if you have printed them out beforehand.

Should you need to fill them out at the office, be sure to leave yourself 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, to complete the forms. If you would like to fill the forms out before hand, they can be found by clicking the New Patient tab on the bottom lefthand side of the page.

If you carry insurance, a team member will ask to make a copy of your insurance card, with your permission, in order to determine the coverage. Once all that has been completed:

Dr. Bryan will discuss your health or injury and will then be able to determine if yours is a Chiropractic case, or if a referral to fellow health care professional is necessary for co-managment.  Many times, additional testing and examination procedures are needed to fully investigate the extent and nature of a health problem or condition. Dr. Bryan will always explain in detail what is required, and what would be best for each individual.